Here's What Our Patrons Have to Say
About the Tupelo Experience

I was fortunate enough to have attended your recent David Bromberg concert at the new Tupelo in White River Junction. Upon hearing that you would be opening a new venue in my backyard I was thrilled but I had no idea how thrilled I should have been. The new venue looks great! From the original wood floors to the artisan glass over the wall lights, I was impressed by how great the freight house looked with simple touches. Then there's the sound! Every note by each instrument was captured perfectly. It was as if we were all having an amazing living room concert experience. Thank you so much for bringing this kind of venue to the Upper Valley. It is a one of kind experience and I will be back as often as possible! -Lebanon, NH



I attended the Aimee Mann show in White River last night. What an amazing venue you guys have! And kudos to the sound guys for achieving near album quality sound.

Oh, and please get her back. Haha... probably a once in a lifetime thing, no? -Burlington, VT



Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing Acoustic Alchemy to the Tupelo Music Hall. This was the 9th time I've seen them and they've never sounded better. Your sound system was fantastic!!! Seeing them in an intimate setting like your place is SO much better than a concert hall. It was a 5 hour drive from the Catskills to see them and well worth it. The couple sitting behind us drove there from Rochester, NY to see them. We Acoustic Alchemy fans are very loyal. A beautiful drive with the fall foliage capped off by seeing my favorite band in the world, it just doesn't get any better than this. Cudos to whoever was smart enough to book this band. Keep bringing them back, and I'll keep coming back too. -Stamford, NY


I’ve been meaning to e-mail you since the Acoustic Alchemy concert on Saturday to let you know that my husband and I enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, we agreed that it was “the most fantastic concert experience in our entire lives”--and, I must say, we are tough critics having been to concerts everywhere for many years. The accoustics were spectacular, and Acoustic Alchemy was absolutely brilliant. Those fellows were mesmerizing, and we do hope they’ll return. -Chittenden, VT


We saw Acoustic Alchemy last Saturday evening and just wanted to let you know it was FANTASTIC - the group, the sound system, the Music Hall, everything! Hope they can come again and we hope to come back to see many more shows. It was a wonderful evening. Thanks! -Windsor, VT