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This page was specifically designed for artists who will be performing at Tupelo Music Hall.

Sound Equipment

FOH Speaker System

Front of House Speakers
(10) Meyer Mina Compact High-Powered Curvilinear Line Array
Loudspeakers with RMS (Remote Monitoring System)
(1) Meyer 700HP Compact High-Power Subwoofer

Front of House Control System

FOH Mixing Console & Processing
(1) DigiDesign VENUE SC48; 48-channel Live Digital Mixing System
and FireWire Pro Tools LE Recording System with 48 Analog
Microphone/Line Inputs, 16 Analog Line Outputs, Output
Expansion Slot, Onboard Processing, and TDM Plug-in Support -
(1) LCD Monitor and Track Ball

FOH Drive Rack
(1) Motion Computing LE1600 Wireless Tablet PC control with Wireless Router and Switch)
(1) Echelon Ethernet Interface
(1) Meyer Galileo 408 Loudspeaker Management Processor

Stage Monitor Speaker System

Monitor Speakers
(8) Eastern Acoustic Works MW12 Micro Wedge 12” stage monitors
(On Stage Monitors are run “Full Range” with one amp channel per speaker).
(1) Eastern Acoustic Works MicroSub 15” subwoofer
(5) Crown XTI-6000 Dual Channel Amplifiers w/integrated DSP

(Monitor system control possible from FOH console or wireless tablet PC)


Microphones & Direct boxes
(8) Shure SM 58-LC
(2) Shure Beta 87A
(8) Shure SM 57-LC
(6) Shure SM 81
(2) Shure Beta 52
(4) Shure Beta 98-D/S
(1) Shure Beta 91
(2) Shure Beta 57
(2) Shure KSM 32/CG
(1) DPA SMK-4061
(1) Shure ULXS24/58
(4) Shure Beta 56
(8) Radial Pro JDI48 active DI’s
(2) Radial Pro JDI passive DI’s
(4) Radial Pro JDI stereo DI’s
(2) Radial Pro AV 2 computer audio interfaces

Microphone Stands
(10) K&M Tall Boom
(10) K&M Short Boom
(5) K&M Medium Boom
(5) K&M Round Base Straight
(2) K&M EB-1 Stand Brackets

Snake System & Cables
(1) 48ch x 6 Cross Patchable Microphone Split w/ Main and 2 Split outs
(All necessary speaker, microphone and system patch cables are provided)

Lighting Equipment

(1) Leprechaun LP-624 Microplex - DMX Console
(12) LED Stage Par 64
(6) ETC Source 4 Jr Leko
(2) ULD-360, 15 Amp, High Power, Duplex, 6 channel dimmer